Voices and videography talents are needed for an exciting community arts endeavor. The non-profit Pentucket Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the West Newbury Council on Aging and the GAR Memorial Library, is sponsoring “Voices of West Newbury: An Oral Story Sharing Project. “  The goal is to capture and preserve the lore of West Newbury -- specifically the many colorful, time-honored stories that make it such a special place to live. The stories will be video recorded and crafted into one collection to be presented in film format to the community at a special viewing and to keep on DVD at library as part of the town’s lore.


Project organizers are seeking two things:

  • Voices:  Life-long (or nearly life-long) residents ages 18 or older to share a favorite story about the town or the people in it. The stories may be historic, funny, sad, joyous, factual, semi-factual --or simply the truth as you see it. Talk about something that has changed in town over the years --or something that has remained constant. Share a story or legend (true or otherwise) that has been passed down in your family. Describe a public or private property that holds special meaning for you; an admirable person from the town’s history; the funniest thing that ever happened at town meeting; or a mystery in town that has never been solved. Or simply answer the question: "West Newbury wouldn’t be West Newbury without…” Creative expression is welcome. Just choose a brief story that you really enjoy telling.


  • A Videography Artist or Team of Artists to record the stories and edit the collection into a high quality work. Professional artists, emerging artists and students are all welcome to apply. Experience working on a Community Arts Project and/or interacting with the community are a plus.  Pay is commensurate with experience and skill.


Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a voice or a videographer for this unique community arts project can send an email to pentucketarts@gmail.com


This project is made possible through the Pentucket Arts Foundation’s Arts Connecting Community Artist Grant, the West Newbury Board of Library Trustees, the West Newbury Cultural Council, and the Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank.

Our mission is to promote excellence in the Fine and Performing Arts in the Tri-Town Pentucket Region by providing quality visual art, music, dance, and theatre experiences. We believe in the power of the arts to transform lives and are dedicated to using this power to help make our Community a more vibrant and creative place to live, work, and learn.


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