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The Fairytale Hayride is our way of providing a fun, affordable public arts experience for young children and their families, while accomplishing our mission of partnering with local farms. Some families see our advertising ahead of time, and others see the cheerful fanfare while passing the farm and stop to see what’s happening.  What everyone finds is a joyous celebration. Some people stay for an hour; others stay for the full three hours.


Here are some of the things you might see at The Fairytale Hayride:


Farmer John Adams cheerfully pulling a wagon full of people of all ages with his tractor, Farmer Cindy Adams working in the tent area, Pentucket Schools actors showcasing their skills without the pressure of the stage, children running towards the pony ride, baby animals eating and playing, bubbles of all sizes floating in the breeze, children singing along with a character, cookies being decorated, faces being painted, purple-shirted board members wearing fairy wings, and pageants of tiny costumed princesses and princes running amongst greenery and between activities.

Thank you and we hope to see you at the 4th Annual Fairytale Hayride at Long Hill this Saturday!

Julie Malchow

Event Coordinator

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